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Signal for Desktop is here!

The encrypted chat app Signal is one of my favourite apps and they've just launched their desktop version! This means you can now move seamlessly between your mobile and desktop devices. Signal If you don't have Signal installed you should go and do so immediately. Here are the Google Play…

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End-to-End encryption with Facebook Messenger

We're seeing a huge drive towards end-to-end encryption in many of the apps we use and Facebook doesn't want to get left behind. You can now enable Secret Conversations in the Facebook Messenger app which is their flavour of E2E encryption for your communication. Secret Conversations Facebook have used the…

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The encrypted web is coming!

Now, more than ever, we are seeing a huge drive towards encryption on the web. In fact, encryption is now being adopted at a rate never before seen. Here are some of the notable things that have grabbed my attention recently and the evidence to back up my claim. Adoption…

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SSL does not make a site secure!

Following Google's recent announcement that they will start rewarding websites that use SSL/TLS with a boost in their search rankings, I've seen a lot of comments being thrown around about how it's great that secure websites will now be rewarded. Unfortunately, using SSL/TLS doesn't mean that a site…

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