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Building my Work From Home setup

I'm sure many of you, like me, have found yourselves spending a lot more time at home recently and with that comes the need to work from home a little more too! In this blog I'm going to look at my Work Form Home setup and share some tips on…

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The M140i project post - Part 1

In late 2018 I was incredibly excited to pick up my realistic dream car. After having driven several different BMW cars over the years, as part of my 12 car and 3 motorbike history, this has to be, by far, the most awesome thing I've owned! BMW M140i F20 LCI2…

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Deprecating XSS Reports

A lot has changed in the browser landscape recently and we've seen all of the mainstream browsers move away from running their own XSS Auditor or XSS Filter. Given this shift, it's time for me to update a few things too. XSS Auditor and XSS FilterThe XSS Filter ran in…

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