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Analysing variations in EV efficiency

This blog is a break from the normal security focus of articles I write but I do have other interests outside of security! I drive an Electric Vehicle and one of my side projects gives me access to a large amount of data on EV journeys, close to 1,000,…

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Using Alexa to control my car

One of the really nice features of my car is the ability to control certain functions remotely from the smartphone or web app. This is especially handy if you want to defrost it on a cold day or cool it down on a hot day, amongst other things. For the…

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The vulnerable web API for my Nissan Leaf

I've driven a purely Electric Vehicle (EV) for over 2 years now and had intended to write about the experience at some point on my blog. Writing about the discovery of an insecure API that allows an attacker to remotely control features within my car was not how I intended…

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