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Hack Yourself First - UK Tour

I've been working with Troy Hunt on delivering Hack Yourself First, his 2-day hacking workshop, for a little over a year now and I'm really excited to announce something awesome. I'm going to be doing a public Hack Yourself First workshop tour in the UK!! Hack Yourself FirstTroy announced that…

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Creating a Twitter follower count display

I've always loved tinkering with things and I recently found myself wanting to build something. I used to love playing with electronics, didn't want to build something that was too big of a project and something that would be kind of useful. I somehow arrived at a Twitter follower count…

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Overclocking my PC to extend its life

That may sound like a somewhat contradictory blog post title, yet here we are. I recently overclocked my PC to extend its life! OverclockingWhen you overclock a PC you configure it run faster than it is supposed to. Let's say you have a 3.0GHz CPU, you might configure it…

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DMARC Reporting is here!

It was our most requested feature and simultaneously really simple and really complicated, but it's finally here. DMARC reporting allows you to detect and prevent fraudulent emails being sent that claim to be from your domain when they aren't. DMARC reports are another valuable source of information that you can…

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