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Scott Helme

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Security researcher, entrepreneur and international speaker who specialises in web technologies.

Analysing variations in EV efficiency

This blog is a break from the normal security focus of articles I write but I do have other interests outside of security! I drive an Electric Vehicle and one of my side projects gives me access to a large amount of data on EV journeys, close to 1,000,…

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Are you ready for the Symantec distrust?

It's been common knowledge in the wider PKI community that Symantec, the Certificate Authority, is currently being distrusted and will soon cease to exist as a CA. My worry is that the wider community doesn't seem fully prepared for the distrust and the impact it will have. Symantec There's a…

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Launching Report URI JS

The most common way to set a Content Security Policy on your site is to deliver it as a HTTP response header, but that's not always possible. On hosted platforms like GitHub Pages, Ghost Pro or WordPress it's not always easy or even possible to set a HTTP response header.…

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